Sometimes it’s better not to go it alone. Even TechVentive partners with selective creative, public relations and other firms when your needs dictate additional expertise.

One output of our market research is to find areas of commonality between our clients and other technology firms. For example, if we discover a very high percentage of your prospects use a particular ERP solution, database or other product, we would investigate alliance, marketing tie-in or other joint marketing opportunities to maximize the market potential.

Our worldwide expertise has enabled us to create a multitude of unique solutions. For example, we developed a special board game for channel managers.

Noteworthy example: Our biggest success to-date has been the development of several custom channel partner training programs for a 1,800-strong channel ecosystem. We started with a program to help their global partner executives better focus their resources with the partners who were most likely to excel. Then, we built a specialized course to help their best channel partners become even more successful.