Campaign Design/Management

chartSuccessful tech firms launch loudly, decisively and successfully.  And, they maintain that positive aura/momentum throughout the product’s lifecycle. First impressions, whether they be for people or technology solutions, are critical. Timid or lackluster solution introductions can dog a solution and possibly lay the ground work for a premature product failure.

TechVentive takes a comprehensive approach to solution launches. We test potential messages and approaches with third parties to maximize market acceptance. We develop specialized collateral to enhance market interest and sales conversion rates. We orchestrate a focused publicity campaign and even design unique tie-in materials to pique buyer interest. Lastly, we create specialized prospect target lists to optimize one’s campaign efforts.

Noteworthy example: An application software firm had achieved moderate success in one vertical for the last few years. However, their policy of pursuing all prospects equally was not delivering acceptable results. TechVentive did a thorough analysis of their customer base and identified some powerful campaign adjustments. While the prospect list was altered, the biggest benefit came in identifying some fascinating correlations between their product and a major ERP vendor.