Training & Sale Enablement

screenMore and more firms want to sell up-market: to bigger, more sophisticated firms and to top executives within these companies. Unfortunately, the selling style and marketing materials these firms possess is often suited for a different kind of buyer.

We’ve developed special Sales training programs that move Function/Feature or solution selling techniques up a notch to a Point of View methodology. Why? We've found that top executive buyers do not have time to sit through long, unfocused demonstrations or to answer wide-ranging catch-all questions like “What are the top three issues keeping you awake at night?” Point of view selling, when used with the appropriate collateral, shortens sales calls and improved operating results.

Our training is different in that we use a mix of presentations, activities and games. We’ve developed specialized group board games for sourcing, procurement, channel management and other disciplines.

Our training and sales enablers help close gaps between Marketing campaigns and Sales effectiveness. Many firms can sell you sales training and others can develop Marketing collateral. But, no one matches our ability to connect these two in a comprehensive and intelligent manner.

Lastly, we develop content that speaks to its readers. Our materials are sharply focused, written with a style and vernacular that top executives greatly appreciate. These products are meant to inform, inspire and drive action.

Noteworthy Example: An application vendor’s sales force was stymied in its efforts to get initial sales meetings. Worse, their sales conversion rate and percentage of suite deals was not up to management expectations. Point-of-View training has had a material impact on subsequent sales results. Sales professionals now do research on prospective clients before going on sales calls. They materially tailor their sales decks to make sales calls more effective and shorten closing times. The number of new enterprise deals has risen dramatically in just six months.

Training Courses TechVentive Offers:

  • Advanced Negotiations Training
  • Point of View Selling
  • Channel Partner Excellence
  • Channel Partner Management
  • Sourcing Excellence